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65+ Student Application

We're incredibly excited that you've selected AST to further enhance the wealth of knowledge you've have garnered over the years. We're elated that you've chosen AST to partner with you on this part of your journey in the Kingdom! You've made a great choice and we look forward to celebrating with you on your graduation day!

In celebration of your decision, we proudly offer SENIOR BOGO (Buy One Class, Get 2nd One Free)!


After completing the registration process, add applicable fees to your cart then add at least two (2) classes to your cart. Finally at checkout, input the semester's Promo Code then 2nd class will become free!


To get started, call 310-212-3978 to obtain your Promo Code for the discount. Then continue by creating (or updating) your Student Profile with the application below then proceed to select your classes!



did you select the incorrect application?

No worries because still have time to click the correct link here >>

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