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Our mandate is to “prepare men and women to be used by the Holy Spirit to live productive lives, to build God’s church, and to minister as godly servant-leaders…”

Welcome to the journey!


Registration Policies

  • Registration is required each semester.

  • Students may not attend class without fully registering.

  • New Students may register anytime between "Pre-Registration" and "Late Registration"

  • Continuing Students are encouraged to register during Pre-registration.

  • Contact the AST Office for Final and Late Registration.

  • AST encourages all students to Pre-register to avoid Late Registration fees or missing class sessions.

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Academic Ability

The applicant must possess an educational background that enables them to successfully perform at the college level.

A high school diploma or G.E.D. is required for admission into Degree Programs.

Spiritual Maturity

The applicant must exemplify a Christian lifestyle committed to fulfilling God’s Word.


There are many demands placed on those who minister. Thus, a pattern of righteous living is essential.

Adding Courses

  • Courses may be added as late as Monday of the 3rd week of classes.

  • Added courses must have the consent of the Academic Dean and the Instructor.

  • When adding a course after the semester has began, students are responsible for acquiring information covered prior to their entrance.

  • Late registrants should not expect the teacher to repeat instruction shared from the beginning of the course.

  • Late registrations should consider the above before deciding to add a course after the start date.

Dropping Courses

  • Students may drop a course as late as the 4th week of class irregardless of Pass or Fail status.

  • Dropping Timeline:

    • 1st - 3rd Week: May drop without Add/Drop Form and will receive a “W” (Withdrawal) on permanent record.

    • 4th - 10th Week: Must complete Add/Drop Form.

    • After 10th Week: Student will receive an “F” (Fail) on permanent record.

  • All Add/Drop Forms must be completed and signed by the student, the Instructor, and the Dean.

  • Student may not simply stop attending classes to drop a course. If this occurs, student will receive an "F" (Fail) and will be responsible for all costs incurred as a result of failure to give proper notification of having dropped a course.

  • Exception: Health emergency or other extreme conditions.

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