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Degree Programs

AST is an educational institution offering Graduate and Undergraduate studies. Students may earn Associates, Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees in Religious Studies, Christian Education, Christian Ministry, and Theology.


Degrees are specific to the Major/Area of Discipline. Enrolling students must acknowledge and accept that credits taken in one Discipline may or may not transfer to another Discipline.


While degrees are transferable to some degree-granting institution, colleges, and universities, transference/acceptance is at the sole determination of the receiving institution.

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Bachelor Programs

(122 Units)

  • Bachelor of Religious Education

  • Bachelor of Biblical Studies

  • Bachelor of Theology

  • Bachelor in Christian Counseling*

Masters Programs

(60 Units and 10,000 Word Thesis)

  • Masters of Religious Education

  • Masters of Biblical Studies

  • Masters of Theology

  • Masters in Christian Counseling*

Doctorate Programs

(40 Units and 120 Page Dissertation)

  • Doctorate of Religious Education

  • Doctorate of Biblical Studies

  • Doctorate of Theology

  • Doctorate in Christian Counseling*

Associate in Biblical Studies

(62 Units)

Certificate in Biblical Studies

(31 Units)

* Must be active in the field of Counseling.

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AST offers a wide array of courses to fulfill Degree requirements. Each semester, students can select the course (or courses) that propels them towards completing their educational journey at Aenon School of Theology, Inc. & Bible College!

View full list of courses.

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